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SESSION I Youth Classes with Michela Mansuino
For serious young artists, we offer intensive drawing, painting and more in these classes. These classes are taught in the Classical Atelier Style of the 19th Century Masters.  The objective of the youth program of study to develop drawing and seeing skills including exercises in construction and structure, value study, mass conceptions, and color.

Level I — Classical Drawing — Ages 8-13
(Once a month on Saturday 2:30-5:30pm)
4 Sessions October-January  CLASS FULL Waitlist Only

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Level II — Form Study with Oil Paints — Ages 12-16 
(Once a month, Saturdays 2:30-5:30pm | 
[Prerequisite: Level I class or skills]
5 Sessions  September-January  SPACE AVAILABLE
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Level III — Mastercopy with Oil Paints — Ages 13-18
(Once a month, Sundays 1-4pm)
[Prerequisite: Level II class or skills]
5 Sessions October-January  ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT
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